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Real Greek food
and attentive service

The well known restaurant in Rethymnon KOKKINOS offers 24 hours a day a large selection of excellent made real Greek specialties in a warm and friendly atmosphere with a nice view on the vibrant city life of Rethymnon and the sea. Be it breakfast, lunch, dining in Rethymnon, or just a late night snack at Rethymnon's best meeting point, it's all yours. It's here and it's always near.


Featured menu

  • Pastitsio ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ with garnish

    Original Greek Pastitsio (pa-stee-tsee-oh) is baked pasta with minced meat and bechamel Topping. Four essential components make up this tasty dish - pasta, meat filling, lots...

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  • Veal Stifado with Onions

    Cubes of beef slowly cooked with onions, tomatoes, red wine and herbs to create this traditional Greek stew. Served with rice, roast potatoes and mixed...

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  • Pizza Special with Sausages

    Pizza Special with cheese, bacon, ham, sausages, peppers, mushrooms green and red peppers....

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  • Ceasar Salad

    Special green salad with chicken-fillet, paximadia (a special air-dried Greek rusk), Parmesan cheese,Marouli salad and a hand-made mayonnaise dressing....

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  • Traditional Greek Gyros

    Traditionally pork meat is thinly sliced, placed on a tall vertical spit which turns in front of a rotisserie oven. If the meat is not fatty...

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Services Info

We deliver to your home from 11:00 to 03:00

Call us by phone at:

28310-50602, 28310-21355
Whats up? = 6980068154

and enjoy our fast and reliable delivery service.

We are the best meeting point in town!

New in Rethymnon? Want to meet with friends or relatives? Looking for a meeting point in the middle of the town, near to the Old Town, near to the sea, near to the shops?
ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ Food Center, Platia Agnostou Stratioti is the answer! Best food, best coffee, best sight, in the middle of Rethymnon. 'We meet at ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ' !

We are open for you 24h around the clock!

Our opening times meet your demands.
Be it in the morning for a coffee and a typical Mediterranean breakfast, at lunch time for a hearty healthy meal, be it in the evening for a cozy Greek dinner in good company with friends, or at night, for just a tasty bite to eat, ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟΣ Food Center is always the right place to go.

This month's specials

  • Meat balls with cooked potatoes and tomato sauce. A hearty lunch from the casserole, healthy ingredients well seasoned,...

  • A strong beef stew with vegetables. Local ingredients,healthy and nutritious, a typical Greek soup, enjoyed after a night...

  • Grilled lamb chops with salad, rice and French fries. The Cretan highland lamb chops are especially tender to...